"In all living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed not just endured."
Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recap to now

So instead of going back in time and talking about all the fun stuff I didn't post the last few months I am just going to start fresh. First here is a list of some of the fun activities we have done since May. We have had Birthdays (Jonathan, Braden and Danielle) Baptism (Jonathan), Blueberry picking, Storm games, water parks, Bowling, Swim lessons, pool days, Mulligan's, Dance Recital, Mormon Battalion museum, Old Town San Diego, Utah Trip (I gutted my first fish), Back yard camp out, Jax came home, School started (Jonathan 3rd, Katelyn 2nd, Braden kinder) A cute New Nephew ( I will post pictures of him) Disneyland. And lots of cute pictures to go with them but that would be a way long post. Now to present day...lol...

Jonathan turned 8 in May so that means he was able to start the scout program through church. He was super excited and so was his mom. Matt just had gotten called to be in the scouts so he gets to take him to the meetings. Nice for mom. In the last few months Jonathan has been working hard to earn beads, patches and belt buckles. I am so proud of him and all he has accomplished. He received advanced from Bobcat to wolf , he got 2 yellow beads, a gold arrow and a belt loop for swimming, He was called up to get the collections belt loop but it was a mistake and he had to give it back. He handled it very well and the crowed thought he should just get it anyways...lol...So here are some pictures from last nights pack meeting.

Playing a minute to win it game

Graduating from Bobcat to Wolf.

His belt loop for swimming

He participated in presenting the colors. He did such a good job.

He is the one with the American flag.

I am going to try and keep up. But before I end my post I am going to leave you with a picture of one of the cutest babies around. I love this little guy and am so happy he is finally here. Here is Denise and Ryan's little guy Tyler Jon Lang.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fruits of our labor

So the kids and I are so excited that our garden is producing veggies. Katelyn got to pick one of her favorite veggies snap peas. We got 5 off of our tiny vine. But there are some other veggies that are little babied that will soon be picked. The plants aren't the greenest sometimes I think they are dying. If anyone has gardening advice send it my way.

Zucchini blooming and ready to start growing can't wait

Tiny head of lettuce. Its a little bit bigger than a golf ball in the middle.

Chives growing really well

We have 3 little tomato's growing this one was the biggest about the size of a shooter marble.

Three bell peppers growing.

Our snap peas. I need to get a better trellis for the vines to grow up. It is to small

So excited to have picked her first snap peas

Eating her veggies.

Monday, May 9, 2011

April Fun

I know I haven't posted Easter yet but I forgot my camera so all my Easter pictures are on my mom's camera and my sister-in-laws. Once I get them I will post pictures.

When it finally started getting hot during the kids Easter break we got out the pool and the slip-n-slide and played in the sun. The kids had so much fun I think they were outside everyday during their break. We even went to the pool a few days. It was so much fun watching Addi play with her brothers and sister. She is getting so big. She even tried to slip-n-slide herself.




Addi and her attempt

Trampoline fun

Jonathan our fearless jumper/flipper

Pool fun

The water was cold so when ever she got splashed she would scream.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun at the Dwelley Home

The end of march Matt and I celebrated out 9th Anniversary. We got a sitter and went to dinner at a yummy sushi restaurant by our house. I can't believe 9 years have gone by. It really feels like we just got married. I have 4 fun kids and a husband that does so much for our family. I am a lucky girl. If not for Courtney getting me to go back to young single adults Matt and I may not have ever met. Thanks court your the best :)

2 weeks ago it was super hot then it got cold and on one of those days as we were sitting in the car waiting for Jonathan to get out of school it started hailing like crazy. Katelyn and Braden got out of the car and had a blast playing in the hail. I could not believe how much came down and how big they were. If Jonathan would have gotten out of school 5 min sooner he could have joined in the fun. I don't know if I have ever said it but I love where we live.

Braden protecting himself from the huge hail

Katelyn trying to catch some hail in her mouth.

All the hail that got on our car. It looked like it had just snowed.

Jonathan got to participate in the pine wood derby this year. He was a month behind but they let him join in the fun. He was so excited. We got him all his scout stuff and he was set to race his car. He was so proud of it. He designed it Dad cut it out and then he sanded and painted it. Matt helped put on the weights and wheels. Then off to the race. Jonathan thought for sure he had the #1 car. Unfortunately he had one of the slowest cars. He beat the first guy he raced (thank goodness) and that was it. He lost the rest. But I did get some good pictures of his one win.

The boys eating a baked potato like it was an apple.

Jonathan's is the blue car. The green one was the only car Jonathan beat.

His victory arms.

Getting his ribbon. He won Hottest car (because of the flames on it)

Finally I had my sewing class this week and we made shoes. I love them. I think I did pretty well for my first pair. I can't wait to make more. I think they are the cutest. Good thing Addi is so tiny and these type if shoes still work for her. When she out grows this style if you have a baby girl on the way you may just get some as a shower gift :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tea Party

Katelyn turned 6 on Jan 8th. I know I can't believe my girl is 6 already. Since her birthday is so close to Christmas we decided to postpone her party until Feb. Just so her gifts were spread out a bit. We decided to do a tea party. My Aunt Wendy went thrift store hunting and got 10 different tea cups and saucers. Love them all. I 2 silver tea pots and a try at a garage sale for $10 so fun. Katelyn and I got stuff to make hats for each of the girls then some sunglasses and jewelry for each to wear. they each got their make up and nails done. So fun. I didn't get any pictures of that cause I was the one putting on all the make up and nail polish :) The girls all had so much fun. They danced played games we just girls. Katelyn has a group of really good girls in our ward that are her age to play with and she loves them all. After the tea party we both Matt and I had our families over for a BBQ to celebrate Katelyn, Matt, Dave and Scott's birthdays Yes they all have birthdays really close to one another. It was fun getting the family together. I am so grateful to have most of our family close by (Kevin and Missa look what you are missing you need to come home) So enjoy the pictures not very many but enough to see all the fun we had.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Preschool Valentine Party

We had a Valentine party today with a bunch of kids in our ward. They played games, decorated cookies and passed out their valentine's. We have a great ward no matter what we are doing when we get together there is always fun to be had. one of the mom's who takes some really good pictures put this together. i stole it from facebook to put it on my blog since i was a slacker and didn't take any. Thanks to everyone that came and made it so much fun for the kids.

Monday, February 7, 2011


So my sister-in-law Liz made this cute necklaces for a YW activity a while back. I have been wanting to make one for myself and I finally did. I bought a shirt for $1 dollar at the dollar tree and made 3 necklaces and 2 bracelets. I only need one so I have two more. If you want one post a comment and I will pick 2 random winners on Tuesday evening and post the winners. Good luck :)